Handle, deflect and otherwise manage call volume surges with NuVoxx Hydro Utility solutions.

The most difficult challenges for Hydro Utilities, especially with a geographically dispersed network, is that there are always localized and/or widespread outages which drive call volume to the contact center.

Although social media and other channels have been useful in reducing overall volume, there tends to be an initial spike driven by outage calls, before an outage is acknowledged by the Hydro Utility. These spikes are unpredictable and difficult to handle. Beyond the initial spike, call volume tends to pick up proportionally to the duration and size of each outage.

NuVoxx intercepts outage calls, before these calls enter and clog up the phone system and separate outage traffic from regular customer and corporate calls. Once intercepted and separated, the outage calls can be routed to anywhere from NuVoxx hosted IVR, to dynamic  messaging, or an answering service.

Combine NuVoxx IVR with NC3 (Cloud Contact Center) and StarPBX systems to replace conventional on-premise systems by allowing an agent to log in anywhere with a stable internet connection.  Add, Voice + SMS solutions to alert customers of outages, provide notices on balances, and more. NuVoxx supports your customers complete telephony journey.

To assist Hydro Utilities in handling these call spikes, NuVoxx has developed several solution components, which can be used individually or together.  

Benefits of NuVoxx Utility solutions:
  • Deflects upwards of 60-80% of incoming outage calls.
  • Acts as an “early warning system” by measuring and alerting a higher than normal volume of calls.
  • Allows the Utility to scale telecom and IVR resources to a level not feasible by an on-premise solution.
  • Provides the ability to manage call distribution between one or more targets, such as contact centres or other transfer destinations.
  • User-friendly web portal provides real-time, easily understandable data.
  • Can be integrated with an Outage Management Solution (OMS).

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