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What Are Call Dispositions & How Can They Help?

Whether you are managing a contact centre or call centre, it's crucial to be informed on key data to help achieve goals of better CX in a contact centre or better ROI in a call centre. One simple method for keeping track of performance is utilizing Call Dispositions. What are Call Dispositions?

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SMS Callback and Its Impact on Customer Experiences

SMS Callback, in a nutshell, allows your customers to text a designated number and when they do so, it notifies one of your agents to give that customer a call when they’re free. What are the benefits of having this SMS Callback, and how can you use it?

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7 Tips to Further Motivate Your Agents

Keeping your team’s energy and morale high is crucial for a productive and positive team. When your agents are happy, your customers are happy and satisfied with your support. Let’s explore some ways to keep your team motivated.

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