Load Testing

Test your services, not your customer’s patience.

If you are implementing or upgrading your call center telephony service, you need to determine how the changes will affect customer engagement and satisfaction before you go live. Trusting that customers will tolerate degraded performance is a risky move; one that you can avoid with a properly planned and executed load test.

Relying on in-house testing to predict acceptable performance often leads to miscalculations. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to structure in-house scenarios to adequately reflect the random nature of call volumes and varying load scenarios. This is why it is essential to perform a sustained, structured load test, incorporating load scenarios and call volumes similar to the production work environment, using public telephony infrastructure. It will help to ensure that the new system can sustain a full production load, prior to moving production calls onto the system.

Load Testing@2x
  • Identifies issues that may not have been otherwise discovered.
  • Measures which parts of the system or workload cause the system to perform badly.
  • Demonstrates that the system meets performance criteria.
  • Ability to place thousands of simultaneous calls, with touch tone response capabilities.
  • Keeps the calls active for a predetermined period of time (AHT).
  • Detailed reporting based on outcomes such as:
    • Success or failure of each placed call, including failure reason if appropriate (busy, No Answer, etc.)
    • Any calls which are prematurely dropped by the far end telephone system
  • Analysis of initial results, fine tuning, and retesting

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