Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Keep your customers coming back.

NuVoxx’s on-demand telephone customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) service captures valuable, first-hand feedback from your customers and clients after every interaction. Find out whether your customers received appropriate help from support teams, were satisfied with your product/service, and more. CSAT surveys improve customer retention, maximize long-term loyalty and minimize customer churn, allowing your business to live up to its full potential.

outbound csat

Outbound CSAT Survey

Follow up on any or all service interactions with customers with touch tone or voice message responses.

inbound csat surveys

Inbound CSAT Survey

Provide a toll-free customer survey number for your customers to call in to at their convenience

Transfered CSAT

Transferred CSAT Survey

For instant customer feedback following interactions with your contact centre, transfer to a survey at the end of the call.

  • Identify areas of success and challenges in your business.
  • Respond proactively to real time dissatisfied customer feedback and take immediate action to resolve serious complaints.
  • Track your organization’s Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Improve performance management by comparing and measuring feedback on different service teams.
  • Track and analyze specific data to recognize top performers and help under-performers succeed.
  • Robust IVR (integrated voice response) service technology.
  • Professional scripting and recording of customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Real time alerting for extremely dissatisfied customers
  • Transcripts of recorded surveys for easy management review.
  • Flexible pay as you go pricing – send as many or as few calls as you want!
  • Detailed online reporting with wav files attached.
  • Easy set up in less than one week.

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