Voice Blasting

Effectively communicate information to a large audience base.

Voice Blasting is an outbound IVR service which allows you to share valuable information with any number of customers, employees or contacts. Load your list of recipients and schedule when to release your pre-recorded message. Whether you are sending an emergency alert, or taking a proactive IVR approach by notifying clients of changes, or sending an internal memo, Voice Blasting allows you to do so efficiently and effectively.


Automated Reminder Notifications

Scheduled telephone reminders can help you recover revenue and improve organizational efficiencies.


Automated Emergency Notifications

Whatever the circumstance, you’ll need an automated, cost-effective solution to rapidly broadcast your message to large numbers of customers, suppliers or employees.


Automated Collections Notifications

Designed exclusively for the credit and collections industry that contacts thousands or tens of thousands of your past-due customers each hour.

Voice Blasting@2x
  • Automated reminders cost only a fraction of the cost of having live agents call your customers.
  • Free up valuable agent time from outbound calls.
  • Contact hundreds, if not thousands of customers each hour.
  • Provides a zero-out option to transfer the customer to call center during low occupancy times.
  • Once deployed, the system requires no maintenance or management, and since it is fully hosted, there is no investment in any hardware, software or support.

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