Exceed the expectations of your customers with NuVoxx Retail solutions.

In the retail industry, unexpected call volume spikes can occur at any time. Even staffing for anticipated seasonal increases can prove difficult. Worse yet, other less predictable increases in call volumes from events such as power outages, product issues, unanticipated staff shortages and severe weather conditions can seriously impact the ability to satisfy both internal customer service level goals and caller good will, and to effectively manage costs.

The uses of our solutions within the retail industry are wide and varied. On the customer-facing end, they can include lines for store locators, gift card management, SMS Blasting for promotions, Voice Blasting for store updates, CSAT to measure your CX and more. Use our solutions internally such as SMS Blasting or Voice Blasting for HR applications and employee notifications.

NuVoxx has developed several solution components, which can be used individually or together. Click on each solution below to learn more. 

Benefits of NuVoxx Retail solutions:
  • Callers feel their time is valued, receiving timely agent interaction without extended time waiting on the phone.
  • Provides you with the ability to efficiently establish staffing levels.
  • Lowers the number of callers in queue, reducing costs for telecommunications lines and Toll Free charges.
  • Allows you to proactively respond to real time dissatisfied customer feedback and take immediate action to resolve serious complaints.

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