Evolving Contact Centers – The Current Trends

Author: Wisam Abou-Diab
current contact centre trends

Contact Centers are constantly evolving in order to meet new demands from modern customers. In this blog, we’ll review some of those major trends that are happening now.


More Support & Engagement on Social Media

Customers are now expecting to get help and responses on Social Media almost as much as other channels such as webchat or email. Being active on social media responses to inquiries helps your customers feel more connected to your brand. When major issues or inquiries are brought up on a comment section of a LinkedIn or Facebook post instead of a direct message, a simple reply stating that you have read it and look forward to their direct message will be impactful. Your followers will also see your replies and this helps build a better image of your company. Any small inquiries about your product or service can be answered in the comments section, which will also help reduce questions from other followers since they can read your responses.

AI Chat Bots

According to an article on Forbes, 62% of consumers like interacting with chatbots, and 64% of surveyed companies plan to increase spending on AI for chatbots.

AI Chat Bots are being adopted by more and more businesses because of the benefits such as freeing up agent time, faster service with no queues, increased revenue by providing support at the right time and for the right product based on browsing behaviours, and more. Implementing a chatbot with AI is a very effective and efficient way to boost customer experiences.

At-Home Agents

agent working from home

According to Frost & Sullivan, 53% of contact centers in the United States have a percentage of their agents working at home. Some of the benefits of at-home agents are decreased operational costs, satisfied reps which in turn improves customer experiences, increased agent retention, and boosted productivity. A study done by Stanford University found that call center agents allowed to work from home showed a performance increase of 13%.

The at-home agent model is another effective way to improve your customer experiences and gain customer loyalty since the service will be quicker, more accurate and more positive.

Cloud Contact Center Systems

Cloud Contact Center System

The global cloud contact center market is expected to grow from 6.4 billion USD in 2017 to 24.1 billion USD in 2023, that’s a CAGR of 25%.

Contact centers are evolving in order to provide more personalized customer experiences and more simple experiences for their customers such as very minimal transfers and faster service. Another reason it’s growing rapidly is that it enables companies to easily manage agents working from home or internationally by viewing hours worked, real-time data on their performance such as avg. call handle times, and more. The reasons don’t stop there! Learn more about the advantages here.


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