7 Tips to Further Motivate Your Agents

Author: Wisam Abou-Diab
7 tips to further motivate your agents

Keeping your team’s energy and morale high is crucial for a productive and positive team. When your agents are happy, your customers are happy and satisfied with your support. Let’s explore some ways to keep your team motivated.


1. Incentivize

One simple way to help motivate the team is to create incentives for top-performing agents or teams. An article from Business News Daily mentions that “85% of the workers surveyed felt more motivated to do their best when they had an incentive”. The incentives don’t always have to be in the form of gift cards or gifts in general, they can be extended breaks, or the ability to set their own schedule for a week, or even a few days off separate from their vacation days. When agents are top performers, share their successes on social media to celebrate and show recognition.

2. Enough Breaks Combat Overworked Agents

agent breaks for more productivity

Agents have a very demanding job from being on the phone for long periods of time and multi-tasking through email and web chat resolving customer issues. For agents, it’s crucial that they have enough breaks throughout the day to wind down and be ready for the next wave of customers. Implementing a system for breaks that allows for multiple breaks throughout their workday will help keep agents sharp, more relaxed and ultimately, happier.

3. Provide Them With the Best Tools

The best tools for the job make the job much easier and more efficient. Instead of agents having to have multiple windows open to interact on different channels, or having a hard time finding resources to send to customers depending on the issue, implement a system that consolidates everything for them and has everything they need in one platform!

4. The Small Things Make a Difference

Sometimes it’s the minor things that make a large impact. As a manager, maintaining positive energy around your agents makes a world of difference. You have the power to set the mood in the workplace. There are other small things to consider such as having snacks and refreshments readily available each day, talking to your agents about non-work related topics on breaks, changing the look of the work stations to keep things fresh, allowing natural lighting, and putting plants around the office.

5. Get to Know the Goals of Each Agent

Talk to your agents and find out what their goals are in the long term. When you discover their goals, offer them resources to drive their career forward such as training programs, books they can read at home for self-development, events they can attend, and potential certificates they can acquire. This shows you care about their progress and will further motivate your agents.

6. Encourage Feedback From Your Agents

Keep your agents involved by getting feedback on how inquiries are handled, systems they are using, internal processes and anything else. Their feedback is ultimately to make things better whether it is about efficiency or improving the work environment. An article on Forbes mentioned “managers alone account for 70% of variance in employee engagement”. It’s important for managers to drive this initiative to drive more engagement. If agents are heard, and changes are made when appropriate, this will further motivate them and create a better work atmosphere.

7. Create a Real Team

agents are a team

Your agents may work in the same area, but they often don’t interact with each other as their role is to answer to customers. If your agents interact more, they can share stories and learn from each other, and feel like they are a part of a team. Have a separate break room to encourage them not to eat at their desk. You may also want to include some simple games to drive interaction. Team events are another good way to build a sense of community, whether they are in the office or off-site.



We hope these tips help and if you have any questions or additional ideas, please share below in the comments!


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