Large International Retail Chain uses Queue Callback to raise service levels by 20%, reduce the abandon rate by 25%, and more efficiently manage call volumes and staffing levels


Spiking call volumes can be costly

This large international retailer knows that unexpected call volume spikes can occur at any time. Even staffing for anticipated seasonal increases proved difficult. Worse yet, other even less predictable increases in call volumes from events such as power outages, product issues, unanticipated staff shortages and severe weather conditions seriously impacted their ability to satisfy both internal customer service level goals and caller good will, and to effectively manage costs.
Setting affordable staffing levels and acceptable service levels had been an ongoing challenge. The traditional response was to try to balance between increasing the number of available agents at considerable cost versus relying on customer patience during long on hold conditions without jeopardizing customer satisfaction. Responding to unexpected, immediate surges with ramped up staffing proved even more difficult.


QEWD and QC changed all that

With Queue Estimated Wait Duration (QEWD) and Queue Callback (QC), also knows as virtual queue and virtual hold, their customers no longer have to stay on the phone to maintain their place in the queue for the next available agent during long hold time situations.
Now, when call volume thresholds are reached, QEWD/QC automatically informs customers of the estimated wait time for an agent at the beginning of their call and offers them the option of hanging up after requesting a callback.
When their place in queue is reached they receive a callback from a Call Center agent in the same time frames as if they had endured the frustration of waiting on line.


Everybody Wins

Customer satisfaction has improved. Callers feel their time is valued, receiving timely agent interaction without extended time waiting on the phone.
The Call Center can more efficiently establish staffing levels to handle both predictable and unanticipated call volumes without jeopardizing customer satisfaction, service level goals and cost containment. The automated system smooths out call management for the current staffing level while minimizing customer frustrations.
Lowering the number of callers in queue reduces costs for telecommunications lines and Toll Free charges.
In the end QEWD and QC can pay for themselves.

The numbers tell the story



NuVoxx QWED and QC Case Study Results Sample


Knowing the estimated wait time gives customers the ability to complete their interaction with the Call Center while managing their own time more effectively.  When presented with extended wait times, most customers will choose to call back later or utilize Queue Callback. This automatically flattens incoming call volume, resulting in more even demand on your agents throughout the day. Now you can increase service levels during peak times without an increase in staffing.

Every minute your customers spend in the queue drives up Toll Free and telecom line costs with no added value to the customer relationship. Queue Estimated Wait Duration and Queue Callback remove calls from your queue eliminating the associated Telecom charges which can often add up to tens of thousands of dollars per month. Those savings alone are often sufficient to cover the cost of QEWD and QC thus providing a cost neutral solution and a better overall customer service experience.

About NuVoxx

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