Product Recall Emergency Telephone Notification


Same day turnaround to notify over 15,000 consumers across Canada in both English and French


Our client, a Canadian retail chain of specialty frozen foods with locations coast to coast, learned about a product recall from one of their suppliers.

The manufacturer voluntarily recalled two of their products due to presence of ingredients which were not declared on the label. These ingredients may cause a serious or life-threatening reaction in people with specific food allergies.

Our client needed a way to quickly and accurately notify the known customers who purchased the affected products. It was determined that the quickest and the most effective way to contact these customers was using automated telephone calls.

NuVoxx solution

The client reached out to NuVoxx early in the business day to evaluate the feasibility of such a solution. After a quick conference call, where NuVoxx presented the AutoAlert voice notification solution, the client decided to engage NuVoxx to perform the voice broadcast to its customers.

Shortly after the call, the client reached out to their internal technology resources to quickly pull the data, including contact telephone numbers, for the affected customers. The data was provided to NuVoxx in two files, one for English speaking customers and one for French speaking customers. NuVoxx promptly scrubbed, standardized and imported the data, preparing it for the upcoming voice broadcast.

The client chose to record their own voice notification message in each English and French. The client was able to do this remotely via telephone, by calling into NuVoxx cloud-based hosted IVR system.

As soon as the messages were recorded and approved by the client’s legal team, around mid-afternoon, NuVoxx initiated the voice broadcast and was able to successfully contact the majority of customers on the call-out list. By early evening, the client was notified of completion of the broadcast and provided a detailed report containing the summary of call outcomes for the voice broadcast.

The Conclusion

By using NuVoxx AutoAlert voice notification solution, the client was able to quickly and proactively reach out to a large customer base, notify their customers of the recall and by acting swiftly – mitigate potential harm. The NuVoxx solution was quick, accurate, provided a high degree of control and a measurable outcome which our client used to assess the success of the initiative.