Large Scale Automated Notification Project

NuVoxx completes 950,000 calls in three weeks for a third party verification (TPV) company

A US-based third party verification company was faced with an almost impossible task: 950,000 outbound calls to make within three weeks.

In August 2005, its major Cable company client turned to the TPV company for help when it was mandated by the FCC to inform its large VOIP customer base of an important change relating to 911 emergency services.  The Cable Company was required to obtain the customers acknowledgement of how the service worked. The TPV company was asked to get the message out to this large customer base. The catch was that it was required to complete this massive job within three weeks… by making no less than 50,000 calls a day.

The management team at the TPV company required a topnotch outbound calling solution. And they needed it fast.

NuVoxx outbound voice notification solution

NuVoxx received the call from the TPV company on a Friday.

With little time to lose, the team at NuVoxx sprung into action that Friday afternoon to craft an outbound calling solution to best meet the needs of the job. With TPV ‘s immediate sign-off, they ramped up over the weekend and were ready to commence with the first 50,000 calls Monday morning.

The solution required close collaboration between the NuVoxx and TPV team.  NuVoxx was responsible for all outbound calling using two different IVR scripts which, in turn, were developed by TPV. The NuVoxx team employed a system that activated an appropriate script depending on whether a live person or answering machine picked up the call. For answering machine calls, a message would be activated expressing the urgency to call back to receive important information. Live callers were transferred to 3PV for further processing.

“NuVoxx was extremely responsive,” saud TPV’s customer care manager. “They were always on top of things in terms of continual improvements…Ultimately they ended up finishing the job within record timelines and, in so doing, really strengthened our relationship with this Cable customer.”


Without a hitch, the team at NuVoxx completed the 950,000 outbound calls for TPV well within a three-week period―exceeding all expectations. In doing so, they managed to solidify both TPV’s relationship with its client and its own relationship with this global third party verification service provider.

“When the opportunity arises, we are definitely working with NuVoxx again,” said the customer care manager. “The nature of what we do requires supplier flexibility…changes need to be made quickly as part of a fluid process…and NuVoxx provided that, in spades.”