NuVoxx Assists a Large North American Retailer with an IVR-based Fraud Detection Solution

Business challenge

A large Canadian retailer approached NuVoxx requiring a unique solution to address an ever-increasing backlog of potentially fraudulent on-line orders. Due to the increasing popularity of on-line shopping, the number of orders received skyrocketed and with it, the number of orders which were flagged as potentially fraudulent. Since those orders could not be shipped without being manually verified there became a mounting backlog of orders at risk of being cancelled due to our client’s lack of bandwidth to process them. It was of little consolation that the backlog was identified during regular season, but with the Christmas shopping season around the corner, it was imperative to find a way to deal with the backlog, the impending torrent of orders and the risk of incomplete transactions .

NuVoxx telephone fraud detection solution

Through a series of brainstorming sessions with the client,  their business analysts and technology teams, it was determined that developing an integrated solution capable of calling customers in near real-time after their on-line order was flagged as potentially fraudulent was an appropriate course of action. A reliable, secure means of transmitting the data between the retailer and NuVoxx was devised to fulfill this requirement and with data in hand, it was up to NuVoxx to develop an outbound Interactive Voice Response (IVR )application to contact customers after the order was placed to verify information and determine if the order was fraudulent or could be completed.


Within days of implementing NuVoxx’s  fraud detection solution, the number of inbound calls to our client’s contact center was reduced to a trickle with most calls being successfully handled by the outbound IVR. With all the new cases being handled efficiently and effectively, our client’s contact center efficiencies increases enough to clear the backlog prior to their critical Christmas shopping rush. The NuVoxx solution enabled our client to handle much higher order volumes and handle them more cost effectively. By doing so, a significant impact was made to our client’s bottom line.