SMS Chatbots

Enable your customers to self-service via SMS Chatbots

SMS Chatbots take a load off your agents by handling small inquiries and tasks, such as bookings, account information, order information, and more. This allows your agents to handle smaller queues and allows them more time to take care of complex tasks. Our SMS Chatbots can be implemented on any channel such as Facebook Messenger, SMS & WhatsApp.

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Reduce Telecom Costs

By enabling SMS Chatbots, you will reduce incoming calls and wait times, which in turn will reduce your telecom costs.

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Improve Your Customer Experiences

Your customers want fast and hassle-free service, saving them time. Allow your customers to handle their inquiries without having to wait in a queue.

Examples of SMS Chatbot Applications Include:
  • Retail Applications: Process online returns, shipment tracking updates, and product availability info.
  • Insurance Applications: Process quick quotes, account changes, claims, answer FAQs on insurance coverage, provide information on discounts and more.
  • Healthcare Applications: Schedule appointments, get requests for callbacks from doctors, and information on any procedures.
  • Real Estate Applications: Schedule appointments for viewings, offer information on current listings based on criteria from prospects, schedule calls with realtors, and provide market data.
  • Banking Applications: Check balances, schedule appointments within different departments, and offer status checks for loan approvals.

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