SMS Blasting

Reach your customers instantly with SMS Blasting.

Mobile devices generally stay within reach of your customer at all times. By sending out an SMS Blast, you are not only able to efficiently deliver information, but can offer your audience a chance to reply and interact. Take a proactive IVR approach by programming as broad, or as personalized, messages as necessary, encouraging customer engagement with your company.

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Automated Reminder Notifications

NuVoxx will send out SMS reminders on your behalf and provide a click through link, or phone number to easily reach your organization.

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Automated Emergency Notifications

Rapidly broadcast your message to large numbers of customers, suppliers or employees, especially when data networks get overloaded.

Uses of SMS Blasting include:
  • Running promotions and discounts.
  • Usage cap notifications.
  • Overdue payments.
  • Requesting customer feedback on previous interactions.
  • Announcing new products or services.
  • Holiday or celebration greeting messages.
  • Sending out emergency notifications.
  • Alerting your customers to service outages.
  • Appointment reminders for scheduled meetings.
  • Sending company information to employees.

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