Queue Callback

Improve customer satisfaction with Queue Callback.

“Your call is important to us. All of our agents are busy…” It’s a common first greeting, but rings empty after several repetitions. Although providing an estimated wait time can improve the willingness to stay in queue, many callers may want to hang up and try again later; risking another long wait. Queue Callback allows your callers to hang up, and receive a return call from the call center, based on queue position at time of call.

By utilizing Queue Estimated Wait Duration and Queue Callback, your customers will be provided the option to wait for an agent, or receive a call back when the line becomes available.  By choosing the Queue Callback option, your customers eliminate one of the main triggers for dissatisfaction – long wait times. This enables your agents to focus on improving overall customer satisfaction, instead of having to apologize and manage the frustration of your customers.

Queue Callback@2x
  • Fully Hosted Solution
  • System automatically activates QEWD and QC during long wait times
  • Ability to keep customer’s spot in the queue without keeping the customer on the line
  • Ability to make callback to the originating number or another number provided by customer
  • Sets accurate expectations for customers regarding wait times.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Increased operational efficiencies by flattening incoming call volume, resulting in a more even-level demand on your agents.
  • Increased service level.
  • Lower telecommunications costs by removing calls from the queue, and associated Telecom charges.

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