Percentage Routing

Split call volume between two or more endpoints on a percentage basis.

Not every call center will be actively receiving the same number of calls at any time, so it is important for you to have the ability to split call volumes based on set percentages. Percentage Routing enables you to create and modify call routing rules in real-time, easily rerouting call volume in case of a volume spike, outage or general course of business.

Percentage Routing@2x
  • Allows for the use of all available resources (agents, phone lines).
  • Keeps your system from overflowing / crashing.
  • Improves customer satisfaction through shorter queue times.
  • Increased flexibility between call centres and phone lines.
  • Real-time call routing management.
  • Flexible channels – use what you need and pay for what you use.
  • Multiple geo-redundant IPs to ensure uptime and accessibility.
  • Reporting and call detail records available in near-real-time.

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