Payment Processing

Our automated Payment Processing service guarantees a quick and easy exchange between you and your customer.

Automated IVR payment processing gives your customer the opportunity to call in 24/7 to complete debit and credit card purchases. By combining this option with our Self-Service IVR solution, you are adding value to your company by reducing agent talk time and improving overall efficiency.

Our secure PCI-compliant service guarantees your customers call information is protected. Our service allows you to customize your own menu prompts and account validation requests with our easy-to-use interface. Payment Processing is integratable with any payment gateway. Connect to your existing processor, or test multiple options to secure the best solution for your company.

Payment _ Processing@2x
  • Let your customers review balances and access account information instantly.
  • Service is available 24/7, including holidays.
  • Self-service payments allows for lower call expenses.
  • Lets your agents focus on more complicated inquires.
  • Continue using your existing merchant processor with our flexible system.
  • Multi-language payment support available.

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