Network Queue

Improve your company’s ability to handle spikes in volume with Network Queue.

The number of lines and agents you have available at any one time may not be enough to handle an unexpected spike in call volume. Knowing that a busy tone may lead to customer dissatisfaction and a loss in overall business, it is important to have sufficient lines available to service each customer. Network Queue expands your existing queue by placing customers in a virtual queue, before being transferred to your existing contact center. By using Network Queue, you eliminate the need for expensive and often unused additional infrastructure.

Network Queue allows your callers to be greeted with a message immediately, and can present them with several options based on the number of operational queues in use. These messages can be customized based on the nature of calls. For example, they can let customers know that wait times are longer than usual, or in the case of a particular event, that tickets are sold out, sparing your customer’s time.

Network Queue@2x
  • Customers do not have to keep redialing after a busy tone.
  • No additional capital expenditures for often unused equipment.
  • Scalable system based on your needs.
  • Provides a zero-out option to transfer the customer to call center during low occupancy times.
  • Once deployed, the system requires no maintenance or management, and since it is fully hosted, there is no investment in any hardware, software or support.

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