About UsAbout NuVoxx Communications

Our team-based consultative IVR design approach delivers results every time.The NuVoxx team has over two decades of experience delivering cloud-based hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR) applications, voice broadcasting, Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT) and other automated voice services. Over the years, the NuVoxx team has provided IVR services to some of the largest contact center outsourcing organizations in North America as well as a number of Fortune 500 companies, government and non-profit organizations.

The combined experience of the team in designing voice applications along with broad-based expertise in the contact center industry blends into a unique mix of technology and business solutions. Cloud-based hosted IVR applications designed and hosted by NuVoxx are seamlessly integrated with other aspects of our clients’ customer care strategy including in-house and outsourced contact center agents, real time CRM database(s), corporate branding and other facets of your business. Beyond just IVR services, we inject efficiencies into your customer engagement model, ensuring a rapid ROI from our services.

Why NuVoxx for Hosted IVR?

NuVoxx is a Canadian, Toronto-based organization, with two decades of experience in Interactive Voice Response development and hosting. We specialize in providing IVR services to organizations who choose to outsource their IVR to professionals. NuVoxx has established itself as the IVR provider of choice for a number of organizations, whenever there is a project or event which requires quick turnaround and rapid deployment by a team of IVR experts.

When faced with deploying a scalable and flexible Interactive Voice Response solution, many organizations choose to outsource this functionality due to the very specialized nature of the service and the large overhead cost associated with deploying and managing IVR services in-house.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) model enables you to access customized solutions without capital expenditures and with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) compared with on-premise solutions. Our goal is to drive cost out of your business while enhancing the overall customer experience.

There are a number of reasons to outsource IVR functionality to a dedicated IVR provider:

    • Expert design team with two decades of experience;
    • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO);
    • Faster implementation;
    • More flexible than on-premise systems;
    • Scalable to handle peak IVR volumes.


Over the years, NuVoxx has developed and hosted a significant number of IVR applications to automate and optimize various processes and workflows. Be it front-end IVR, call routing services, product recalls, event cancellations or regulatory notices, we have developed applications for inbound, outbound and SMS channels. This experience and consultative approach to IVR design puts us ahead of our competition.

Rapid Deployment

There have been many instances where NuVoxx was contacted to quickly send out a telephone broadcast or to put up an informational IVR for our clients’ customers, staff or media. We have successfully met and exceeded our clients’ expectations in situations where time is of essence and minutes count – to launch an emergency notification, event cancellation or outage alert. NuVoxx prides itself on being able to provide these and other services on short timelines. Our 24×7 Support model ensures that we are there when our clients need us.

Reliable and Secure

Our facilities are located in two geographically dispersed world-class data centers with multiple redundant power, data and carrier connections. We handle front-end Interactive Voice Response applications for a number of large contact centers, both internal and outsourced. Our services are configured to automatically failover in case of an outage at one of the sites. Within each site, the services are distributed among a number of servers ensuring redundancy at all levels of NuVoxx infrastructure.   


Whether it is 10,000 or 100,000 calls per hour, NuVoxx is capable of scaling up to handle all your inbound IVR calls and outbound phone notifications -in the timeframe you require. Our close relationship with several carriers and specifically with our sister company Star Telecom and their Canadian SIP Trunking services enables us to scale up our IVR and telecom resources beyond what most other hosted IVR service providers are capable of. 

Cost Effectiveness and Value Added

NuVoxx has always put an emphasis on providing value, but more than the value we provide through our services, there is the indirect savings and revenue we create by being consultative in our approach to IVR design and understanding your end-to-end customer interaction and organizational business goals.