The economic and technology advantages of outsourced VoIP/SIP based hosted IVR services are driving many enterprises to evaluate the attractive economics of outsourcing as an alternative to in-house infrastructures.

NuVoxx Communications offers a comprehensive portfolio of effective and efficient services to help you increase customer satisfaction with cost effective solutions.

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Our IVR services are designed to help you

Lower your cost of ownership

Improve reliability

Keep up with evolving technologies

Technology advances perpetuate the demand for more frequent upgrades. However, many companies managing in-house IVR environments are unable to take advantage of the latest advances that would drive improved call automation and lower cost because of the costs of continually enhancing their technology base and the associated level of development expertise required to deliver full value to the enterprise. IVR hosting providers offer comprehensive disaster recovery capabilities encompassing key elements such as 24/7 network monitoring, data center infrastructure redundancy, full dual-site redundancy, peak-volume load capacity at each site, and responsive scalability to accommodate volume and traffic growth fluctuations. Many in-house operations miss out on emerging technology advantages because they lack the critical resources to make changes quickly and accurately. By contrast, hosting providers are more readily able to provide continuous tuning for optimal results, assess current applications and design-improved solutions.