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Queue Callback / Estimated Wait Time

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs

NuVoxx QEWD and QC Customer Service“Your call is important to us. All of our agents are busy…” It’s a common first greeting but after the second or third repeat, caller frustration rises. Although providing an estimated wait time may improve the willingness to stay in queue, many callers may want to hang up and try again later but are reluctant to do so for fear of another long wait. What if there was a way callers could hang up and get a return call from the call centre based on the wait time they were given while they were still on line? Actually there is!

Increased customer satisfaction with Queue Callback

Utilizing Queue Estimated Wait Duration and Queue Callback gives customers the option to wait for an agent, or get a call back. Customers choosing the Queue Callback option will receive a callback when their spot in the queue comes up eliminating one of the main triggers for dissatisfaction – long wait times. Enable your agents to focus on improving overall customer satisfaction instead of having to manage the frustration of being on hold and apologizing for long wait times.


  • Fully Hosted Solution
  • System automatically activates QEWD and QC during long wait times
  • Ability to keep customer’s spot in the queue without keeping the customer on the line
  • Ability to make callback to the originating number or another number provided by customer
  • Agent whisper


  • Setting customer expectation regarding wait times
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased operational efficiencies
  • Increased service level
  • Lower telecommunications costs

Several operating modes to drive Customer Satisfaction and Contact Center Efficiency

Increased operational efficiencies and service level

Knowing the estimated wait time gives customers the ability to self-regulate the queue. When presented with wait times, most customers will choose to call back later or utilize Queue Callback. This automatically flattens incoming call volume, resulting in more even demand on your agents throughout the day. Now you can increase service levels during peak times without an increase in staffing.

Lower telecommunications cost

Every minute your customers spend in the queue drives up Toll Free and telecom line costs with no added value to the customer relationship. Queue Estimated Wait Duration and Queue Callback remove calls from your queue eliminating the associated Telecom charges which can often add up to tens of thousands of dollars per month. Those savings alone are often sufficient to cover the cost of QEWD and QC thus providing a cost neutral solution and a better overall customer service experience.

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