Hosted IVR Services

Hosted IVR Call Routing

Do you need to route calls to multiple in-house or outsourced contact centers?

Do you require a scalable, reliable and cost effective solution?

Are you looking for a solution which does not require capital or training to deploy?

Hosted IVR DiagramOne of the most frequently overlooked hosted IVR applications remains call routing. Hosted IVR service provider NuVoxx is especially well positioned to route calls because of inherent scalability, competency and redundancy, which are major advantages over an on-premise solution. See Why is hosted call routing better? for more information on advantages.

It is not unusual for an organization to have multiple outsourced contact center providers, along with one or more in-house contact center sites. In this scenario, the two commonly used approaches to call routing are to either retain control of the IVR in-house, or to outsource the IVR function to one of the contact center vendors.

In both of these approaches there are a number of issues that can grouped into three main categories: competency and focus, cost effectiveness and conflict of interest.

Competency and Focus

Neither Interactive Voice Response (IVR) nor call routing are a primary focus for in-house IT staff or the contact center vendor. There are usually a good number more pressing issues for these teams to work on, so IVR invariably becomes an afterthought, creating a missed opportunity in terms of improving efficiencies and customer satisfaction through IVR self-service and call routing.

Cost Effectiveness

Routing calls through an on-premise platform or one of the contact center vendors’ telephone switches usually requires ‘hairpinning’ of calls through the PBX. Tying up two voice lines for a single transferred call, results in higher cost in terms of telecom, licensing and maintenance. In addition, to create redundancy all solutions are duplicated, resulting in additional capital, maintenance and labour costs.

Conflict of Interest

Last but not least, outsourced contact centers can drive revenue by increasing the volume and duration of calls handled by their live agents. It is against their interest to route calls to other providers or reduce average handle time (AHT) by introducing self-service options in the IVR. Although many contact center outsourcers pay lip service to IVR, for some, it is simply an adjunct to live agent work and having one of your contact center vendors manage it is like the “fox guarding the hen house”.

Below are some benefits of our cloud-based Hosted IVR services

  • Faster deployment and change implementation;
  • Better control and flexibility;
  • No infrastructure – Cloud based, SaaS model;
  • No support or licensing costs;
  • Pay-per-use billing structure;
  • No dedicated development or maintenance personnel;
  • No ongoing telecom overhead or long distance costs;
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO);
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction;
  • More built-in features;
  • Extremely Scalable;
  • Improves efficiencies of contact center agents;

Hosted IVR Call Routing

All of these issues are easily overcome by outsourcing call routing and IVR functionality to NuVoxx, a dedicated Hosted IVR service provider. Having a dedicated team of IVR experts design, develop and manage your IVR, results in better focus, lower cost, shorter turnaround times and a quicker evolution of the IVR. Contact Us today to get a quote and to find out more about our hosted IVR Call Routing and other Interactive Voice Response solutions.

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